Gas Scrubbers

  • 100 mL capacity of absorbent
  • HDPE vessel giving a clear view of changes in colour of indicator
  • Engineered lid with double ‘o’ ring seal
  • Wide-bore entry hose tail and dip tube to prevent blockage due to NaOH crystallisation
  • Small-bore exit hose tail to be compatible with gas line tube dimensions
  • Stainless steel stand for 4 scrubber vessels
  • For use with 3 M NaOH solution with Thymol Blue indicator
  • Each scrubber has the capacity to absorb around 3 L of CO2 at STP

Where analytical facilities to quantify gas composition are not available, one approach is to simplify the mix by stripping away one or more of the components. For example from a mixture such as biogas it is possible to strip CO2, H2S and NH3, leaving CH4 as the principle component of the stripped gas. This method is sometimes used in testing for Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP), and apparatus to measure this parameter may include a set of gas scrubbers. Gas scrubbing may also be useful in other research applications.

2NaOH + CO2 → Na2CO3 + H2O

2 Mol              1 Mol 

1 L of a 3 M solution of NaOH will remove 1.5 M of CO2 = 33.6 L at STP


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